Edit History in Google Sheets

One of Google’s best features is version control tool across all the workspace apps (docs, sheets, slides etc).

This feature lets users view and edit older versions of a saved file, which are organised by time and date. You can also load the file on a previous saved version and start working on it. If you are worried about having made a mistake you can just load it from a previous version instead of having to start over or hitting undo repeatedly and losing a lot of work.

Viewing Edit History

To view the edit history of individual cells, right click on the cell and click on “Show edit history.” Using the arrows in the message pane that appears, you can view the individual edits, older or newer and who made them(in a multiple people project).

You can also view the history of the entire file at once by navigating to File> Version History> See version history. There would be a sidebar on the right side of the screen listing all the older versions from newest to oldest. Each version would be clearly labelled with the date, time and the name of the editor who made the changes. Tick the “show changes” checkbox to highlight the changes made since the last saved version.

You can also restore a previous version as the current version, undoing all the changes made since. Simply click on the version you want to restore and click the green “restore this version” button at the top of the screen.

Keyboard Shortcut

As an alternative and quicker way to open the edit history panel you can use the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H.

And that was it! You can now easily keep track of everyone’s contribution to the team project or not worry about overlooking any errors since you can just load an older saved version.

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