Google sheets: Change Row Height

In order to fit more data in the cells and make them bigger you may want to change the row height in google sheets.

The steps remain the same whether you want to increase or decrease the size, though there are multiple ways to do the same.

Using Mouse click-and-drag

This is a really quick way of changing the height if you want to change just a few cells as it may take some time and get repetitive for a lot of rows.

Just place your mouse pointer at the border of two rows and it should change into a vertical two-way pointing arrow. Now click and drag the mouse up or down to change the height of the lower or upper rows respectively.

This can also be done with multiple rows at once. Just select all the rows you want to change the height of and drag the border of any one cell and every cell will have the same height when you are done irrespective of what their height previously was.

Using Auto-fit feature

When you have more text than it can fit in the current size, the rest of the text is invisible under the lower row border. You can use the auto-fit feature to automatically increase the row height just enough to fully display all the text in the cell.

To do this, first select the rows you want to increase the height of and place your mouse pointer on the lower border of one of the rows (it should change to a double pointed arrow) and double click.

Note that this will also decrease row height in case there is some extra space and the cell content needs less.

Using resize dialog box

You can also manually increase or decrease row height from the dialog box function in google sheets.

Similar to previous methods, start by selecting the rows you want heights to be changed and right click on any one of them. Click the “resize rows” option from the menu that appears.

In the resize rows dialog box, you could either just select the “fit to data” option which would create a similar effect to the auto-fit method mentioned earlier. Or you could manually enter the desirable size of your rows in pixels after selecting the “specify row height” option.

Specifying a particular row height will make all the selected rows of the same mentioned height irrespective of their cell contents.

That will be all for this article, hope you found this useful and learnt something new.

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