Google sheets comments vs notes

Notes and comments are both great ways to let others know of your intentions or maintain communication with your team when working with multiple people on a single project.

If you are only familiar with MS Excel,c chances are that you aren’t aware of notes yet which is a google sheets only feature, which in turn raises the question, what exactly is the difference between the two?

They are pretty similar with the only difference being that comments are dynamic which demands different uses from these in different situations. In comments you can tag others, reply to other comments to hold a short conversation and see comment history, perfect for maintaining clear communication among the team members.

Notes on the other hand are generally used to just state your opinion or your intentions on a matter, where others might not need to add their replies or that extra bit of information is needed only when a user happens to come across the section containing the note.

Adding notes in Google sheets

Right click on the cell you want to add a note and select “Insert note” from the menu.

Type your note in the text box that appears and press enter. You note is now added, hover over the cell with your mouse pointer to view it.

Deleting your notes

To delete your note, right click the cell where you want a note removed and select “Clear notes”.

Adding comments in Google sheets

Right click on the cell where you want a comment to be added and select “comment” from the menu.

Enter your comment in the text box that appears and press the “comment” button. Your comment is now added and you can view it by hovering the mouse pointer on the cell. Click the comment box to extend it and reveal the “reply” text box to leave a reply.

Deleting your comments

Hover your mouse pointer on the cell with a comment and click the three-dot menu from the right hand side of the comment box and select the delete option.

If it’s a sheet with just one user, comments might be unnecessary and a note might suffice but comments are much better for files with multiple people working on them at the same time.

I hope this article helped you clear any confusion about notes and comments or was useful for learning something new.

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