How to Add Error Bars in Google Sheets

Error bars are one of the very useful feature of Google Sheets that represents if any uncertainty or variability is present in your data. It will help you achieve accuracy in your work over sheets.

There this article is going to be very useful for you as it will show you how you can put these error bars while working in your Google Sheet.

Types of Error bars

  • Standard Deviation – At the chart’s centre, standard deviation error bars are drawn. These will show you how the data is distributed around the mean of the data.
  • Percent – According to the proportion you enter, percent error bars will display you the percentage of the data’s higher and lower range. It is commonly set to 10% by default, which implies your error bar will be set for a range of 90% to 110 percent of your data.
  • Constant – Depending on the value entered, a constant type error bar will display an error bar with a constant value. For example, if you set your constant value to 3, your error bar will be displayed at a range of +/- 3 for the values in your chart.

Steps to add Error Bars in Google Sheets

We all know that there exists different types of graphs like Line charts, Bar charts, etc. and for some of them you can add error bars in google sheets. But for this, first we need to create a chart in our sheet. For example, lets create a column chart. For this –

  • Select the range of cells that contains the data that you want to represent through the chart.
column chart 1
  • From the menu bar select insert option and further choose chart.
column chart 2
  • Now a chart editor will open up. So from Chart type section choose what kind of chart you want. Here, I choose column chart.
column chart 3
  • Now your data will get transformed and will get displayed in form of chart.
column chart 4

Now, we will begin our actual work i.e., we’ll put in error bars for this chart. For this –

  • Double click on your chart to open the chart editor. Then select the Customize tab and select Series.
add error bars-1
  • Now pop-up dialog box will appear. Check the error bars option mentioned in it and see how error bars will be added to your chart.
add error bars-2
  • To customize your error bars according to your need, select the type of error bar you want to have by clicking the drop down arrow of type. The types of error bars available are already mentioned above.
add error bars-3
  • If you want, you can also customize the value that your error bar will be using. Enter the value into the value box.
add error bars-5

And now you can see the results.

Chart with Error Bars

The error bars have been created according to the type and value that I have set in my example graph.

The ability to add error bars to your charts can make the data much easier to read.
If you create charts to display data on a regular basis, this is a skill you should master.

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