How to Add Gridlines in Google Sheets

Gridlines are something that are already present in a Google sheet and make it a one. However, sometimes we may feel a need to introduce more of them into our sheet. And not just it, we may feel the need to put borders on the cells.

These all efforts are precisely needed to make the data more presentable, readable and accessible. This makes our data look more clean as well as easy to read for a analysis of a baffled up data. So, let’s learn the steps towards the same.

Steps to add gridlines

  1. Select view option from the menu bar.
  2. Click on gridlines from the pop-up menu.

This is all and gridlines will be inserted to your sheet.

Same way if you happen to be in need to remove them. You just need to uncheck the option of gridlines from the performing the same steps.

Sometimes, we also desire to keep gridlines while using Google sheet app but we don’t want them to exist in the printed version of the same. You need to follow these steps to prevent gridlines from appearing in print of sheets:

  1. Select the Google sheet or just the range that you want to print.
  2. From the menu bar, click on File option and from pop-up menu select print option.
  3. Open print settings and click on Formatting option.
  4. And uncheck the show grid lines option.

And that’s it, you work is done. Now print your sheet to see the results.

Apart from using gridlines if you want to enhance the presentation of your sheets a little bit more, you can also add borders to the cells that adds organised visibility to your data.

Steps to add borders

  1. Decide the range of cells that you want to put borders to and then click and drag to highlight these cells.
  2. Select borders tool from the tool bar.
  3. Select the pattern of bordering according to your need. For example if you want borders on all sides of your cell, click on the first option available.

Thus, from now onwards if you look at your sheet and think it looks a bit off, try to apply gridlines and borders to your sheet by following abovementioned steps. As this will not only make it look vibrant but will also make your arrangement of data look more easily readable.

Harshita Mathur

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