How to Automatically Increment Numbers in Google Sheets

Are you tired of entering long list of numbers in your google sheet? then why are doing so if google sheets serves you with a function of incrementing numbers with the purpose of saving your precious time. this function of incrementing numbers insert other subsequent numbers in your data sheet after you enter a first number thus, doing a great task. there are ways to perform it and let’s learn about them.

With Fill Handle

This is one of the best method to add index number to your columns of the sheet. To add, follow these steps –

  1. First add two consecutive numbers in your sheet. Like insert 1 in a cell and then write 2 in next cell below it.
  2. Select these two numbers.
  3. Now double click on that small blue box at the bottom right corner of selected cells.
  4. And here, you see the other numbers coming in.
Autofill Increment

Through these steps, you will be able to have incremented numbers in sheet up till where you have inserted data. If you want this to go beyond it, repeat the steps but now, drag that small little blue box at the bottom right corner instead of double-clicking.

Row and Column Function

This function allows you to increment actual row and column numbers of your sheet.

Row Function

Syntax for the same is

=ROW([cell_reference]) here,

to use ROW you can leave the formula blank “=ROW()” and it will return the row number of the cell that the formula is on.


You can also use a cell reference in the formula to return the number of the row that your cell reference is located at.

row cell reference

Column Function

The syntax for the same is


This function also functions the same way as the row function. Thus, if you leave the formula blank, it will return the number of column on which you are. And if filled, it will return the column number of the referenced cell.


However, if you want your data to automatically increment.

Create a formula to automatically increment

  1. You always need to have something to start with. Thus, first place a number that you want to be first in the list.
  2. In the next cell, start with = sign and then click on first cell to reference it.
  3. Press + sign from your keyboard and then enter the number you want to increment by. And now press ENTER to have results of formula.
  4. Copy and paste this formula to subsequent rows and double-click on that small blue box that bottom right corner.
Increment Formula

This is a must learn skill of all the google sheet users who work with bales of data. And therefore, along with automatic increment, this article provides you with other easier methods too to increment your numbers in google sheet.

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