How to Capitalize the First Letter of a Word in Google Sheets

When we work on google sheets, many a times we want to modify the text in a certain manner. but due to large data, if may find it difficult to modify each and every text in that proper and same way.

But least we know is that google sheets provide us a feature that can help us to perform this task.

If you want to capitalize the first letter of your word in google sheets quicker then ever, then here’s a helpful article for you.

Capitalizing first letter of your word or string of text

This may seen a little much as it includes usage of multiple functions to form a formula to perform this task. But it goes out to be the most easiest and helpful way to capitalize your first letter. Functions here are-

  • UPPER – Converts string to uppercase
  • LEFT – Substring from the beginning of a specific string
  • RIGHT Substring from the end of a specific string
  • LEN – Length of a string

Now you would need to customize your formula according to your needs to get the desired results. To make it more understandable, let’s take a data and prepare a formula to capitalize only the very first letter of it’s string.

Formula : =UPPER(LEFT(A1,1)&RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)- 1)

This formula works because you are taking the very first letter at the left of your string and uppercasing it (UPPER & LEFT), and then adding on all the letters from the right of the string, except for the first letter. (RIGHT & LEN -1).

Capitalizing first letter of each word in google sheets

This can be done by using PROPER function available here in sheets. It’s one of the easiest way as it uses only single argument i.e., the text whose first letter needs to be capitalized.

Syntax : PROPER(text), to see the results, go with the following steps –

  1. Select the cell where you want your output to be seen.
  2. Type ‘PROPER’ and now press Tab on your keyboard.
  3. Select the cell with the text that needs to be changed.
  4. type the closing parenthesis
  5. Finally, tap Enter on your keyboard.

Apart them just capitalizing first letter, if sometimes you want every word in your cell to be capitalized, then this is a must learn formula for you.

Thus, these two are the most easiest methods to perform in order to modify your data and can be taken up as and when required.

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