How to Check If a Value is in a Range in Google Sheets

When working with spreadsheet systems like Google Sheets, you may need to complete a job but are unsure how to go about doing so.
One common activity for many spreadsheet users is to search a range of cells to see if a particular value appears inside the range. With a simple function, this is rather straightforward to accomplish.
In this article , I’ll show you how to use Google Sheets to see if a value exists in a range of cells.

How to Check If Value is in Range

For this task of checking whether there is text value or numeric value in your range, let’s introduce a COUNTIF function to you.

The COUNTIF function performs a conditional search across a range of cells, returning a count of how many times a given value appears in that range.
When you use this to look for a value, COUNTIF will return a 1 or larger if the value is found in that range.
COUNTIF has the following syntax:

=COUNTIF(range, criterion) here,

  • range – this is the range of cells that you are searching for your value in
  • criterion – this is the value that you are searching for inside of your range.
COUNTIF find value

My formula is searching the range of data in A2:A11 for my criteria in C2, as you can see in the example above. My formula will return a 1 if the value exists. It will return a 0 if it does not exist.

You can use this function to look for numbers, text values, and more.

Thus, the COUNTIF function is the most efficient way to quickly search a range of cells to see if it contains a specified value.

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