How to Distribute Columns Evenly in Google Sheets

Sometime we find some columns large while some columns smaller than them. Now if we want to resize them alike and adjust their width, this can be done easily in Google Sheets by evenly distributing the columns.

Steps to make columns even

  • Select the columns of which you want to change the width.
Resize Columns-1
  • Right click in the top row and from the pop-up select Resize columns.
Resize Columns-2
  • Now a dialog box will appear where you should insert the number that’ll be representing the pixel width of your column. Further click OK.
Resize Columns-3
  • Now, all the columns will get adjusted of the same size.
Resize Columns-4

Resizing the Columns

If you want to make your columns narrower or wider now that they’re all the same width, you can easily alter the size without having to repeat the processes we just went over. For this –

  • Select the columns you wan to resize.
  • In the top row click and hold down on your clicker in between two columns.
  • Drag your cursor to the right while still holding down the clicker and release it at the appropriate width.
  • Now your columns will get larger.
  • Now if you want to make your columns smaller, click, hold and drag to left. This will make your columns narrow.

Those are the quickest methods for ensuring that all of your columns have the same width and adjusting the width sizes.

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