How to Enter Subscript and Superscript in Google Sheets​

Subscripts and superscripts are the symbols that are placed slightly below and up to the normal line. They are basically used in certain formulas or for equations. When typical strategical data is used in google sheets, such subscripts and superscripts needs to entered. But google sheets don’t have any easy to go built in feature to enter them. And therefore, this article provides you with the ways to enter them in your sheets.

Copy & Paste Method

This is one of the easiest method to perform this task where you have to just-

  1. Go to any website or app that provides you with various Unicode subscripts and superscripts symbols.

2. Copy the desired symbol

3. And paste it against any word or letter according to your need.

CHAR Function

This is one of the major feature in google sheets under which each character has been given a unique number called as ASCII code. And this code can be used in a formula to enter that certain symbol as n where required. Under this, subscripts and superscripts symbols also have a specific number that can be used in a formula to enter them in your google sheet. Syntax for the same is –


You just have to enter this formula with with character code of your desired subscript or superscript.

And afterwards, to just have the symbol, you should paste your formulas as values.

CHAR formula

You can access your desired CHAR code or ASCII code through various webs on google.

Copy and Paste from another program

This is also one of the easiest way in which you can create or type your desired subscript or superscript in any other program say like google docs and then paste it in your google sheet.

Thus, isn’t all of these steps and methods easy? So go and try your hands out over this feature of google sheets in most easy way.

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