How to Get the Absolute Value in Google Sheets

The magnitude of a number is the absolute value of that number, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. In other terms, it is the distance between it and zero.
The absolute value of -10 and 10 are both 10, because they are both at the same distance from zero.

And sometimes while working on sheets, we may need to find absolute value of a number and we have ways to find it. Let’s see.

ABS Function

The best way to return the absolute value for values in your spreadsheet is to use the ABS function. The syntax for this function is –

=ABS(value) here,

value – the number for which the absolute value should be returned. It can be a cell reference or a value entered directly into the formula. To obtain the absolute value of the returned value, you can use math operations inside the formula.

ABS function

The above example shows you the best results of using this function.

Convert Negative Numbers To Positive Numbers

When converting negative numbers to positive ones, the ABS function is unquestionably the best option, especially if you have a huge dataset to work with.
However, there are plenty of additional ways to convert negative numbers to positive in Google Sheets.
Adding a minus sign (-) before the cell reference of the cell containing your negative number is one simple technique.

Negative to Positive

As you can see in the example above, I have a formula in column B that uses cell references from column A. Each cell reference has a minus sign (-) preceding it. This changes the value of the number to its inverse. As a result, negative numbers become positive.

However, this method has the disadvantage of being more prone to errors than the prior method. If you use this option on a positive number, it will convert it to a negative, therefore use caution when using it.

Thus. finding an absolute value in your Google Sheets is a very simple task shown by two methods in this article.

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