How to Insert an Image in a Cell in Google Sheets

Sometimes to make our sheet more vibrant, along with texts we may find the need to enter an image. This can be done smoothly in Google Sheets and you can insert an image in cell of any size you want.

The basic way of inserting an image into your sheet is same but options to upload from are many. We can learn about all this from this article, so let’s begin!

Inserting an Image through Insert Option

This is the easiest and the quickest way to insert an image into a cell. For this –

  • First, select the cell in which you would like to insert an image.
  • Then click on Insert option from the toolbar. And now click on Image from the further options available.
insert image option-1
  • From further pop-up, choose Image in cell.
insert image option-2
  • Now, a box will appear, with six options available to make you choose from where you want to import an image. Let us take Upload option as an example.
insert image option-3
  • Further, a box with browse button will appear, clicking upon which you can access the media files in your computer, select them and finally open them to upload.
insert image option-4
  • The chosen image of yours will now be seen in your selected cell.
insert image option-5

Since this example just showcased the one option available i.e., Upload. We must know about other ways of uploading an Image too and these are –

Image from camera

From Camera

If you will choose this option, you will be able to take a picture instantly(if you have camera attached to the device you are uploading from) to upload the cell in your cell.


Through this option you can copy the URL of the picture you want to insert and then pasting it into the textbox that will eventually appear when you’ll choose this option. This will insert your image.

From Photos

If you have images on Google Photos that you want to place inside your spreadsheet you can choose the Photos option and selecting your images there.

From Google Drive

If you have a collection of your photos stored in your google drive, you can select this option. This will direct you to your drive and you can select an image from there to upload it in the cell.

From Google Image Search

To find a photo to use in your spreadsheet, use a Google image search. There will be a search box with this choice, and you may write in your words to perform the search and select your photo.


Although after learning about such an easy steps, you may find this way of inserting an image in a cell in vain but sometimes you may use this method too.

The Syntax for this function is –

=IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width]), here

url — This is the image’s URL. The http:// component of the URL must be included. It must be enclosed in quotation marks or refer to a cell containing the URL.
The parameter mode defines the image sizing and is optional. It will be set to 1 by default.
1 – this resizes the image to fit inside a cell while keeping the aspect ratio.
2 – This compresses or stretches a picture within a cell while keeping the aspect ratio.
3 – The image size will not alter in any way; it will remain the same (but it may be cropped)
4 – Set a custom size height – This is an optional feature that is only enabled if you select

height is an optional parameter that is only available if mode 4 is used. It’s the pixel height you’d like your image to be.
width is an optional parameter that is only available if mode 4 is used. It’s the width of your image in pixels that you want.

image example

The above image is an example of this function.

The image is included in quotation marks and has been shrunk to fit inside the cell, as you can see. Remember that the IMAGE function is set to mode 1 by default, which resizes the image while keeping the aspect ratio. This is just a simple example where the image size isn’t changed at all. Except for the first, all of the other options are optional. However, there are different modes to change the size of an image.

Mode 1

This is a default mode that needs not to mentioned. The above example is showcasing this mode.

Mode 2

IMAGE mode 2

Mode 2 will stretch/compress a picture to fit inside a cell while keeping the aspect ratio intact.

Mode 3

IMAGE mode 3

Mode 3 keeps the image at its original size. You can see this is much larger than the previous images because this is the actual size of the original image.

Mode 4

IMAGE mode 4

With mode 4 you can specify exactly how large you want the image by giving the height and width in pixels.

Tips to ensure that work Image function works

Sometimes due to negligence and some minute mistakes, you may not get proper results after using this function. In order to ensure better functioning –

  • Always use quotation marks used outside of your URL.
  • However, while using cell reference, you shouldn’t use quotation marks.
  • Ensure that the size of your cell is enough to accommodate the image.
  • Always double-check and use a valid URL.
  • Your URL should inserted with a proper protocol (https://) part of your URL needs to be in there for the function to work properly.

Thus, it can be stated that the IMAGE feature is much more dynamic, and you have complete control over the size of the photos you insert into your sheet. So delay, learn and implement.

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