How to insert BULLET POINTS in Google Sheets

Writing a data using bullet points makes it look more organized and enhances the readability.

Google sheets also provide us with different ways to input these bullet points to enhance the data entered. So let’s learn these different methods here.

Copying and Pasting from Web or an App

This is one of the easiest way to insert bullet points i.e., by copying them from any website or apps like Word Doc, Power Point, etc. For this

  1. Copy desired bullet point from any of the abovementioned sources.
  2. Place the cursor in the desired position in a cell where you want your bullets.
  3. Now paste it.

Keyboard shortcut method

Follow these steps to get the desired results –

  1. Select the cell where bullet point needs to be inserted.
  2. Double click on the cell or press F2 key for editing.
  3. Hold ALT key on the keyboard and simultaneously press number 7.
  4. This will insert bullet point in the desired cell.

However, sometimes we want to make a list in a single cell. Thus to insert multiple bullet points in a cell, we need to first put a line break. To perform this task, follow the given steps –

  1. Place the cursor where line break is needed.
  2. On your keyboard press Alt + Enter. This will create a new line in same cell.
  3. Now insert bullet points by using abovementioned shortcut method i.e., by pressing Alt + 7.

Creating a custom Format

We can create a format in a google sheet by which whenever we’ll apply this format before a text in a cell, bullet points will be added. And once we add this to a cell, automatically next cell will bear a bullet point. For this –

  1. Select the cells where you want to add bullet points.
  2. From the menu bar select Format option and then from pop-up select Numbers.
  3. This will give you more number options.
  4. From this select More Formats option and now from further available options select Custom Number Formats option.
  5. In the Custom Number Format dialog Box, type –
Custom Number format value
  1. Now click on apply.

The above steps change the format of the cells so that by default these cells show a bullet point before the text. The @ here represents any text that you enter in the cell.

And that’s it! Simple are the ways to insert bullet points in your sheets.

Harshita Mathur

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