How to Insert Rows in Google Sheets

Google sheets are today something that is used frequently by many. Thus, in this hustle bustle of our daily lives, we often make mistakes. One of the example is that sometimes we forget to put an information necessary into our sheet. And when we remember, we shred a little. But google sheet provides a feature to make it up easily i.e., a feature of adding a row which allow us to insert a row or more in between our fully prepared google sheet. So let’s learn,

How to insert a single row?

  1. In your sheet, select a cell above which you want to insert a new row.
  2. Right click on the cell, from the appeared pop-up menu, click on insert row.
  3. Hereby, your row will be inserted above you selected cell.

However, at time we need to insert a bundle of forgotten or new data to the sheet. In such case, we need to insert not just a single row but multiple rows. And therefore, we need to learn:

How to insert multiple rows?

  1. Click on the number that is present to the left of the row where you want to insert 2 or more rows and hold your mouse. This will highlight this whole row.
  2. Further, drag the curser by counting the number of rows you want to insert. For example, if you want to insert 4 rows, drag the cursor until it highlights 4 new rows.
  3. Now, right-click in the highlighted area.
  4. Now, from the appeared menu, if you want to insert 4 rows below, click on ‘insert 4 above’ and if you want these new rows below – click on ‘insert 4 below’.

And here is all that would be needed to be done in any such case.

Harshita Mathur

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