How to lock a row in Google Sheets

Have you been working on a huge bale of data? and does this exhaust you out to up and run through your google sheet in order to look up for that significant data in that specific row? Then here is the most simple solution for you to go with i.e., to lock that particular row that you need to look for frequently while working on your sheet.

Benefits of locking a row

When you are dealing with a huge data that contains n number of rows and columns and while you scroll down to work further you can not identify which data is representing which row. Thus, one the benefit of locking a row is that the locked row will be visible to you at the top of the page doesn’t matter how much you are scrolled down to set your significant data in front of your sight always.

 Not only working on such large datasheets is tedious but reading them during analysis is also a gruesome task for the readers. Thus to avoid confusion amongst viewers and readers, the header or the title row of a certain row can be locked so that it remains visible all the time during performing analysis thus putting viewer’s eyes and mind at ease.

Ways to lock a row

  • Freeze panes
  • From the menu bar, select view and further click on freeze option.
  • Now, from the available options you can select which row you want to lock. If you want to lock header row, select 1 row.
  • Results can be seen as your selected row will get represented by grey color and it will stay visible even when you will scroll d
  • However, if you want to lock more than 2 rows then click on the cell that you want to lock up to.
  • Then, go to view on menu bar, click on freeze and then select the option- up to current row.
  • These steps will lock the all the rows up to the cell that was selected by you.
  • Short method

This method of locking a row using just your mouse is a time saving one that takes less time than that by using menu bar. For the same, following steps should be followed :-

  1. In the top left corner, click on the thick grey and hold this drag this down continuously to as many rows as you want to be locked.

And that’s it! It is done in just a second of step.

Similarly, by using both the methods, columns can also be locked as the rows.

Unlocking the row

However, sometimes we want to redo some things and therefore if you want to unlock the locked rows, it can be done using following steps :-

  1. On the menu bar, click on view, then select freeze option.
  2. Further click on no rows option

This will unlock all your locked rows.

And that’s it, these simple steps will keep you untangled while you are engrossed in your work.

This will keep your significant data in front of you all the time in order to prevent you from running up and down to check the relevance of data to a particular row.

Harshita Mathur

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