How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

Google sheets contains cells that are now not big enough to precisely showcase some longer text information like article title, etc. This is when a person feels the need to find more space for the same by opting for rotating feature of sheets that rotate text in the sheet according to your needed angles. However, sometimes it is also done to enhance the presentation and readability of the matter.

Ways to rotate text

  1. By using the rotate tool at the toolbar
The Google Sheets rotate text options being selected the toolbar
  • By using ‘Text Rotation option’ from format button of menu bar.
The Google Sheets rotate text options in the format menu

The text rotation options that are available in pop-up menu of ‘Text Rotation’ are:

  • None
  • Tilt up
  • Tilt down
  • Stack vertically
  • Rotate up
  • Rotate down

and gives effect to the data in this way when applied :       The different ways that you can rotate text in a Google spreadsheet, including the following: None, Tilt up, tilt down, stack vertically, rotate up, and rotate down

Thus, to rotate data according to your need, follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell or range of cells, the data of which that you want to rotate.
  2. From the menu bar select format option.
  3. From pop-up menu, select text rotation.

                          [ Or, you may just use text rotation tool ]

  • Now from further available options (tilt up, tilt down, etc.), choose anyone of your choice.

You can also set angle of your rotation along with direction by clicking drop down arrow of angle option.

  • And now see the results.

And that’s it! Here your task is done.

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