How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets

Sorting data is one of the reoccurring task that we need to do everyday.

Sometime we want our entries to be sorted according to the dates. Sometimes you may wish to use date range filter to only show dates that fall within a specified time frame.

There are many ways to perform this task. So let’s see them one after another.

  • Using SORT range

Sorting data with one column

  1. Select the cells to be sorted.
  2. From the menu bar, click on data option.
  3. From drop down menu, select any of the available option-

Sort range by A, A to Z      or,

Sort range by A, Z to

4. First option will sort data with oldest dates showing on top.

5. While latter option will showcase latest dates at the top.

Sort Range

Sorting data with multiple columns

When you have large amount of data, these are the perfect steps to follow –

  1. Select the data to be sorted, to select all use short cut key Ctrl + A.
  2. From the menu bar, select data option and further select sort range option.
  3. Check the box for data has header row, in case you data has a header row you didn’t want to sort.
  4. Ascertain that the sort by field is set to the column containing the dates.
  5. Now choose option A to Z if you most oldest dates first or choose Z to A if you want recent dates at the top.
  6. Now click on Sort button.
Sort 3

Using SORT Function

Using this method makes the sorted range dynamic i.e., it changes if your data changes. That is, you would be in no need to repeat the steps to sort data again if it changes. Thus, it’s a better one and time saving method. To use this method –

  1. Select the first cell where you want to see sorted data.
  2. Start with equals sign (=) and then type SORT.
  3. Press tab on keyboard to enter the formula.
  4. Now highlight the data that you wish to sort and then type comma (,).
  5. Next, specify the column you wish to sort by entering a number. If you just have 1 column, you’d put 1 here. And after this, add a comma (,).
  6. Now, you have to type either TRUE or FALSE. Oldest dates will be displayed at top if using TRUE and latest dates will be showcased at top if False is being used.
  7. To calculate the formula, put a closing parenthesis and then hit enter.
Sort Function

Thus, this feature of google spreadsheet comes up to be a valuable tool that all users should be aware of.

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