How to Use the CEILING Function in Google Sheets

While performing our calculations, we may sometimes get results in fractions/decimals. This is where we feel the need to round them up to make things easy.

Thus, CEILING functions let’s you get a round number upto nearest specified integer multiple.

The syntax for this function is –

=CEILING(value[factor]) here,

value – this is the number that will be rounded up to the nearest integer multiple of the provided factor. It can be a function value or a cell reference with the value.

factor – which is the number that the value will be rounded to the nearest multiple of. This is an optional argument that will be set to 1 by default. It isn’t possible for it to be equal to zero. It can be a cell reference or a value entered into the method.
The factor must be positive if the value is positive; however, if the value is negative, the factor can be either positive or negative.

Steps to Use CEILING Function

  • First, select the cell where the function should be applied and type the equals signs (=), then type “ceiling” and press Tab.
CEILING function-1
  • After that, we must provide the value to be rounded. When you’re finished, add a comma (,) to the cell that holds your value.
CEILING function-2
  • The factor you want to round to the nearest multiple of must be entered next. I’m rounding to one decimal point in this case, so I’ll use a. 1. When you’re finished, add a closing parenthesis “)”.
CEILING function-3
  • To compute the formula, press Enter on your keyboard.
CEILING function-4
  • If you need to compute for more rows, you can copy and paste your formula to perform the function on those rows. Your data will now be rounded up or down based on the factor you selected.
CEILING function-5

CEILING is one of Google Sheets’ many handy rounding tools. If you want to understand more about rounding functions, go to the link at the top of this page, where we go over several methods of rounding.

Try experimenting with this in your own spreadsheet to see how adjusting the factor parameter affects your rounded number.

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