How to Use the FLOOR Function In Google Sheets

FLOOR function available in Google Sheets is one of the rounding functions. It rounds the number down to the multiple that is nearest to the integer present.

Syntax for this function is –

=FLOOR(value,[factor]) here,

value – the number that will be rounded to the nearest tenth.
factor – the number that the value will be rounded down to is called the factor. This is an optional argument that will be set to 1 by default. It isn’t possible for it to be equal to zero.

Floor example.1

Take note of how the resulting amount rounds down in the example above, thanks to the factor supplied as the formula’s second input. This will help you better understand how to use the function.

Steps to Use FLOOR Function

  • Select the cell in which you want to calculate the formula and then start typing formula in there.
floor function-1
  • Select the cell that contains the value that is to be rounded, further add a comma.
floor function-2
  • Enter the number that will be used to round the value down to the nearest multiple. After this step, add a closing parenthesis “)”.
floor function-3
  • To compute the formula, press Enter on your keyboard. If you have more values to calculate, copy the formula down to new cells.
floor function-4

You’ll begin to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each rounding function as you become more familiar with all of the numerous ways to round down in Google Sheets.

Practice using the FLOOR function in your own spreadsheet to get a better understanding of how it works.

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