How to Use the ISDATE Function In Google Sheets

If you need to check whether a cell includes a date or not, Google Sheets has a built-in function for that. The function will return TRUE if the value is date and FALSE if the value isn’t.

I’ll show you how to utilize the ISDATE function in Google Sheets in this article.

How to Use ISDATE Function

The syntax for this function is

=ISDATE(value), here

value – this is the value you’ll use in the function to determine whether or not it’s a date. Unless you’re using a cell reference in the formula, the value must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Steps to use this function –

  • Select the cell in which you would like to calculate the function.
  • Start typing the function as =ISDATE(cell reference of the cell the value of which you want to use in the formula)
  • The function will calculate if you press Enter on your keyboard. If you have other cells you want to check using the formula, you can duplicate it down to them.

We used a cell reference in the formula in the example above. Actual dates can be used as well, but they must be enclosed in quotation marks, as in: =ISDATE(“9/10/2021”).

We utilize this is a useful tool for determining whether or not your cells include dates. It just takes one parameter, making it extremely simple to use.

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