Using TRANSPOSE in Google Sheets

Have you ever wanted to swap the positions or data values of entire rows or columns with each other? Well, you don’t need to delete everything and rewrite it as we fortunately have the TRANSPOSE function to do the job for us. What does transpose mean you ask? It means causing two or more things to exchange places. In matrices or spreadsheet context it means interchanging rows with columns and vice versa. Let’s take a look at how the function works.


The syntax is as follows: =TRANSPOSE(range), where range is the reference or the address of the rows or columns you want to transpose. Let’s use an example to understand it better. Consider the following data set:

To transpose the above data set, the formula would be =TRANSPOSE(A1:B11). Enter it in the cell you want the transposed data to appear. It would look like this after the function:

Note: You need to make sure that there are enough empty cells to accommodate the entire data set after transpose or it would return an error message.

And that was it. Just a simple function but improves the quality of life while using Google Sheets. Hope you learnt something new today.

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