Zooming in Google Sheets- How to

A feature that was not available up until a few years ago, must have caused quite the frustration for users who transitioned from MS Excel. Thankfully, it is available now but while not as tuned as Excel’s zoom feature yet, it is better than nothing.

In this article we will take a look at a few easy ways to zoom in or out of your sheet while working.

Using the zoom button

You can adjust the intensity of zoom from the quick access toolbar.

Just click the zoom button and it will show a drop down list with various zoom levels. You can choose the level you are comfortable with or add your custom value by typing in the box. 100% is the normal zoom value and also the default.

You can also get the same options under the view tab from the menu and clicking zoom.

Note that when using zoom feature google sheets will also apply the same zoom to all the worksheets in the same document.

Shortcut to using zoom in Google sheets

While not a Google sheets feature, you could use this method to achieve a similar result. It is using your browser’s zooming feature. Although this feature is not ideal in many cases, it does have keyboard shortcuts that make it easier and convenient to use.

To zoom in, press Ctrl and “+” key.

To zoom out, press Ctrl and “-” key.

To restore back to default zoom, press Ctrl and “0” (zero) key.

You can also change the zoom level manually by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the browser and in the menu that pops up click on the “+” or “-” sign to adjust the level of zoom.

This particular method only works on Google Chrome but you can find similar options in every popular browser like Firefox or Edge.

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